Charles R. Wang, MD

Dr. Charles Wang received training from the University of Nebraska/Creighton University for adult psychiatry and the University of Washington for child and adolescent psychiatry. He has extensive experience in inpatient psychiatric hospital care working with individuals suffering from acute mood conditions to those exhibiting psychoses. Dr. Wang is now working full time at his outpatient practice specializing in treating youth and adults with ADHD, OCD, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety issues. He has a special interest in treating eating disorders and self-injurious behaviors. He places a strong emphasis on the balance of psychotherapy with pharmacotherapy. He wants his patients to understand that medication usage provides a buffering function to allow time for changes through psychotherapy to take hold. Dr. Wang formulated DSA (Developmental and Systems Approach) for the treatment of individuals with severe challenges in mental health. He is the author of Essentially Alone and Profound States of Despair.  In his most current work, Essentially Alone, a book written for patients and families, he describes a method of psychotherapy for interpersonal effectiveness as a path to mental health.