Insurance Information


Our providers have chosen not to contract with any insurance plans which includes Medicare (see below), Medicaid and Tricare.   Please know your Out of Network insurance benefits before scheduling appointments.  At this time, we do not offer fee reductions, payment plans or single case agreements with insurance companies.   We will collect payment, in full, from you at the time of each visit.    


MEDICARE PATIENTS:  Please notify us if you have Medicare.  


40.5 -When a Physician or Practitioner Opts Out of Medicare

(Rev. 92; Issued: 06-27-08; Effective/Implementation Date: 09-29-08)

When a physician/practitioner opts out of Medicare, Medicare covers no services provided by that individual and no Medicare payment can be made to that physician or practitioner directly or on a capitated basis. Additionally, no Medicare payment may be made to a beneficiary for items or services provided directly by a physician or practitioner who has opted out of the program.

Rates for M.D.'s



Established Patients Fees


45 min visit



25 min visit


Phone calls / Report preparation


Fees for phone calls, reports and other miscellaneous services may be billed at the discretion of the provider.  


New Patient Fees - FEBRUARY 1, 2021


New patient initial evaluation (1st appointment – 45 mins)



Second evaluation visit (45 min appointment)



Third visit (45 min appointment)



Rates for Dr. Natalie Hale

Current rates beginning September 11, 2020


New Patient Fees

               New patient initial evaluation (1st appointment – 45 mins)                    $350

                  Second evaluation visit (45 min appointment)                                       $350


Established Patient Fees

                  45 min visit                                                                                          $250

                     45 min family visit                                                                                $250

Missed Appointments


Missed appointments are billed at the same rate as the scheduled length of time of your visit.  Please see the Missed Appointments Policy under forms.