If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, PLEASE CALL 911.

How to reach your doctor or the doctor on-call urgently:


If you are in crisis and need to reach your doctor urgently, call our main number, 425-462-9511 and select option 5.  Next select the option for your doctor and you will be connected to her/his voicemail


Option 1  Dr. John Pastor, Dr. Charles Wang, Dr. Marisol Toliver-Sokol

Option 2 – Dr. Claire Pastor, Dr. Natalie Hale, Dr. Tina Lee

      Option 1

Press 1 to reach Dr. John Pastor

Press 2 to reach Dr. Charles Wang

Press 3 to reach Dr. Marisol Toliver-Sokol


Option 2

Press 1 to reach Dr. Claire Pastor

Press 2 to reach Dr. Natalie Hale

Press 3 to reach Dr. Tina Lee  


Or when you first hear our recording, enter the extension number of your doctor to go directly to their emergency voicemail


Dr. John Pastor, Ext 466

Dr. Charles Wang, Ext 468

Dr. Marisol Toliver-Sokol, Ext 472

Dr. Claire Pastor, Ext 474

Dr. Tina Lee, Ext 464      


Please leave a message and your doctor will return your call.  If you do not receive a call within a reasonable amount of time, please call back and repeat steps above or CALL 911.