If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, PLEASE CALL 911.

How to reach your doctor or the doctor on-call urgently:


If you are in crisis and need to reach your doctor urgently, call our main number, 425-462-9511 and select option 5.  Next select the option for your doctor and you will be connected to her/his voicemail 

Option 1:  Dr. John Pastor, Ext 466

Option 2:  Dr. Charles Wang, Ext 468

Option 3:  Dr. Marisol Toliver-Sokol, Ext 472

Option 4:  Dr. Claire Pastor, Ext 474

Option 5:  Dr. Natalie Hale, Ext 113

Option 6:  Dr. Tina Lee, Ext 464      




Please leave a message and your doctor will return your call.  If you do not receive a call within a reasonable amount of time, please call back and repeat steps above or CALL 911.